Season 2
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Ask Ignite: Graphic Designer Tips For Non-Designers
Need some design tips and directions for your business but no idea where to begin? Keep listening as in this episode, we share precious tips on graphic design for non-designers. Gain insightful suggestions from Josh as he explains the fundamentals of design that every business owner should know.
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Andy Ryan - Marketing 101 for Entrepreneurs
In this episode talk to Andy Ryan – marketing and business expert who answers your most sought after questions on how to implement marketing strategies in your business. So keep listening and if you have any questions that you’d like our experts to answer, send them over to [email protected]
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Ask Ignite: Why It's Smart to Get Feedback from Customers
Customer feedback is one of the most important gauges to measure performance for any business owner. Especially when it comes to negative feedback, the thoughts and experience of the customer can help you fix things before it’s too late. In this episode we talk about how you can use customer feedback to shape your business...
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Ashley Bush: Trick or Treat? Drop the candy and go for pies!
Halloween is one of the most long-awaited holidays of the year. We’re used to seeing peoples’ creativity around this time of year from the spooky decorations to the spooky costumes and makeup, people go all out when it comes to this spooky holiday. What comes to your mind, when you think of Halloween? Scary movies...
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Asher Morrissette: Child Actor with BIG Talent!
Since the dawn of film, and then later, television, kids have worked in the medium. The challenges of being a child actor, even in this day and age, cannot be underestimated. Not only do these kids have to work hard at everything kids normally have to do, including schoolwork and family obligations, but they also...
Ask Yelp
Jessica Carlin: Are My Visitors Really Coming From Yelp?
We’re breaking from our traditional episodes for these special interview segments with Yelp Partner Sales Director Jessica Carlin. We’ve received a lot of questions from our listeners all over the country regarding Yelp. Because of that, we decided to take some time and break down and answer these questions directly for you, our listeners. In...
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Serena Ryan: Think Differently About School For Your Kids!
In this episode we sit down for a chat with the dynamic duo – Serena & Andy Ryan and discuss the ins and outs of ‘The Confident Homeschooler’. Here, they share their passion for entrepreneurship as they talk about their collaboration and how they compliment each other as a couple and rely on each other’s...
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Ask Ignite: Is Blogging Still Beneficial In 2021?
Adding a blog to the website is always one of the most asked questions when it comes to small business owners. Is blogging still beneficial or it’s a dated marketing technique that is no longer effective? We will talk about what are the benefits and disadvantages of using a blog for your website and business....
Ask Ignite: How Do I Find Balance Working From Home?
Ask Ignite: How Do I Find Balance Working From Home?
Working from home has its benefits but it’s always very perplexing to separate your work from your personal life when you have your office at your home. Even when you are working from home, creating a dedicated workplace to which you can say goodbye and give time to yourself and your family is very crucial...
Ask Ignite Radio Show: How Much Should I Spend On Web Design?
Ask Ignite: How Much Should I Spend On Web Design?
For someone just starting out, it is important to have a sense of what you want to achieve as a business owner or entrepreneur over the short term. If your needs are extremely simple, at least at the start, you probably do not need to start wondering how much you’re going to pay for professional...
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Jonathan Bauman: How to Dominate Fantasy Football Like A Pro!
It isn’t surprising that of all the fantasy sports possibilities available, fantasy football remains the most beloved of them all. Certainly, it is the most popular sport in the United States, with an astonishing 37% of Americans stating it is their favorite sport to watch. With an average attendance of 67, 000+, it is the...
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Anthony Ciotti: The real Joe selling G.I. Joe's
One of the great things about toys is their ability to appeal to almost anyone of any age. Adults love to collect stuff they’ve loved since childhood. Obviously, kids love playing with action figures, interactive toys, strategy games, and everything else. Even with everything our smartphones and tablets can do to entertain us, toys still...
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Efrain Chacon: Real Estate Agent and Social Media Ninja!
Ask Ignite: 5 Things To Ask Your Web Designer Before The Project Begins
Ask Ignite: 5 Things To Ask Your Web Designer Before The Project Begins
Asking about qualifications is one of the most important things any business owner or entrepreneur can do, when it comes to finding the best possible web designer for their needs. This can include their degrees, work history, years and forms of experience, and more. Ask to check out their portfolio! In this day and age,...
Ask Yelp
Jessica Carlin: How To Adequately Ask For Customer Reviews on Yelp?
We’re breaking from our traditional episodes for these special interview segments with Yelp Partner Sales Director Jessica Carlin. We’ve received a lot of questions from our listeners all over the country regarding Yelp. Because of that, we decided to take some time and break down and answer these questions directly for you, our listeners. Drawing...
Ask Ignite: Should I Really Worry About What My Competitors Are Doing?
Ask Ignite: Should I Really Worry About What My Competitors Are Doing?
There is a marked difference between paying attention to your competitors, especially when it comes to how they market themselves, and focusing more on what they are doing, than what your customers might want/enjoy. Competitor obsession can distract you from more important things. Paying attention to businesses similar to yours can be good for inspiration,...
James Rose: Automation and How To Reclaim Time
If you take a look around the endless arena of business, and how we communicate with clients, coworkers, and others, you would probably say you wish things would be a little more straightforward. Communication is one of the biggest areas we try to improve within the larger subject of productivity. It is estimated that 75%...
Scott Aaron episode
Scott Aaron: How To Socially Sell On LinkedIn
Entrepreneurs come from every imaginable background. However, there are some things all of us have in common: The fear of taking that first step. For those who want to write a book and start a podcast in support of that book, the task of simply getting started can strike you as a daunting one. How...
Four Brothers Mead
Four Brothers Mead: How To Get Started With Brewing Mead?
Mark Czarnecki
Mark Czarnecki: How To Start A Gun Business
Andrew Aston
Andrew Aston: How To Create The Ultimate Company Culture
Angel Santiago
Angel Santiago: Do You Judge A Book By It’s Cover?
Entrepreneurs can come from anywhere. Visionary individuals whose ideas and passion could potentially change the world. However, it’s one thing to have those ideas. It is something else altogether to know how to connect to the world with those ideas. Where can a young entrepreneur or inventor go? Where can they find the mentorship that...
Jay Richardson
Jay Richardson: Building Wealth Is NOT Ungodly!
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Darcella Craven: How To Support Small Business
Sarah Chang: What Are The Best Phone Interview Questions To Ask
Even in the 21st century, many businesses would tell you that if they could dramatically improve or transform one aspect of their business, it would be their Human Resources department. Despite the advent of technology, and how it has streamlined business as we know it, for many of us, our HR needs are still struggling...
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Peter Amara: What Is The First Step In The Marketing Research Process?
Even if you yourself don’t drink coffee, the odds are pretty good that virtually everyone around you does. In 2015 alone, we spent over 74 billion dollars on coffee here in the US alone. Imagine what the numbers are like for the industry on a global scale! We like our coffee, is all we’re saying....
Amaris Taylor
Amaris Taylor: Event Planning In A Covid World
For an event business empire that began unexpectedly, Amaris Taylor has built a strong, creative business: Simply Chic Soirées. Even in the face of COVID-19, Amaris continues to promote her passion and calling in life, while working with a wide array of clients to make their dreams come true for a special event they will...
Tamika Jackson
Tamika Jackson: The Future of Pharmaceuticals is Female
There are wonderwomen and then there are genuine powerhouses like Tamika Jackson. If you’re looking to hear about a woman who has thrown everything she has into creating her own empire within a male-dominated field, this is the episode for you. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Tamika Jackson of CrO Biosciences.
Latoya Cooper: How to start a Geek Clothing Brand
By the summer of 2019, Disney’s run of movies based on Marvel Comics characters had made over 22 billion in ticket sales. This translates to a lot of people who love to buy things like geek-themed apparel. The average geek is spending over $100 a year on apparel specific to their interests. Some are spending...
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Yelp: Should I ask for a yelp review? The Short Answer is No and here's why
We get asked all the time from client about whether they should be asking for yelp reviews. The short answer to this burning question is… NO! And here’s why.
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Megan Merid: Real Beauty Real Business
Megan Merid has always kept it REAL be it in business or her personal advocacies. Having co-founded REALHER Makeup and igniting their business towards success, Megan continues to empower all types of women with their brand of beauty that’s anchored on one’s authenticity. Tune in to her episode to learn about her entrepreneurial secrets!
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Ashley Bush: Eat My F@%*!¥#’ Pies, And Put A Smile On Your Face!
There is something about enjoying homemade baked goods with friends and loved ones that seems to relax the soul. This is not a new feeling. Dating back thousands of years to Egypt, to Ancient Rome, and to the colonies of early America, one consistency remains: People like to come together for a beverage, some baked...
Chase Norlin: Evolving Threats Against Your Business
Chase Norlin has been building startup companies for 20 years, including the first video sharing platform on the internet, which came many years before YouTube. Today, he is CEO of Transmosis, a nationally recognized Cyber Security Workforce Developer and creator of CyberOps, military-grade cybersecurity protection for small businesses. Tune in to this episode to learn...
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Matt Sapaula: Are You Contributing To The Country's Broadening Wealth Gap?
After serving 8 years in the Marine Corps, Matt Sapaula decided to get his license in insurance and began his success story. Now 22 years in the industry, Matt has been able to guide and help a lot of people become #MoneySmart with PHP Agency and the #7LeagueSquad. Tune in to his episode to learn...
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Legrand Lindor: World Wide Domination While Having a Family Life
As challenging as the pandemic has been for everyone, on the positive side of this entire roller coaster ride of a time, we’ve seen many companies rise up and take on the challenge of protecting and safeguarding citizens across the US and even globally from the deadly virus. Modern-day companies and CEO’s, like Legrand Lindor...
Mark Ormrod: No Limits For UK's First Triple Amputee
Mark Ormrod started to serve in the Royal Marines at 18 until the Christmas Eve of 2007 when he became UK’s first triple amputee to survive since the First World War. Turning this tragedy around, Mark has realized that there are still #NoLimits to what he can achieve in life. He has since shared his...
Kerrie Chaney - Honey Fit
Kerrie Chaney: Comparison To Your Competition Is the Thief of Joy
Inspired by her personal journey to improve her health, Kerrie Chaney established Honey Fit. Today, they are one of the most popular athleisure retailers in the world. Refusing to put limitations on where and when you can wear their athleisure apparel, their clothing reflects the belief that when you look good, you feel good. Their...
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Neshaszda Wright: Finding Your Business' Main Hub And Nurturing Your Clientele
Being a photographer, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, social media connoisseur, veteran, wife, and mother, this episode’s guest is truly a modern-day Wonder Woman! After serving in the military where she met her husband, Neshaszda Wright pursued her passion for photography after deciding to get her honorable discharge to focus on motherhood. Being in the professional photography...