Guest Appearance: Ashley Bush

Ashley Bush: Eat My [email protected]%*!¥#’ Pies, And Put A Smile On Your Face!

Ashley Bush
“Be an active participant in your own salvation.” – Ashley Bush

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About Buttermilk Baking Company

Ashley is a Dream Weaver – bringing the imagined to live for the sheer delight of those she served with 12+ years of hospitality experience seeking to expand her reach. Buttermilk Baking Company is a from-scratch, small-batch, made-by-hand bakeshop located in the heart of downtown Newburyport, Massachusetts. We do all our baking in-house, filling the bakeshop with the sweet aromas of butter and sugar and overflowing our bakery cases with treats illustrating our love of pastry and Southern-inspired baking.

About Episode

There is something about enjoying homemade baked goods with friends and loved ones that seems to relax the soul. This is not a new feeling. Dating back thousands of years to Egypt, to Ancient Rome, and to the colonies of early America, one consistency remains: People like to come together for a beverage, some baked goods, and perhaps some gossip.

With a market size of 11-billion dollars, our love of cookies, cakes, brownies, breads, and other baked goods is not likely to diminish anytime soon. While the COVID-19 pandemic did result in a 1.3% revenue decline for 2020, entrepreneurs from every imaginable background are committed to establishing and succeeding with bakeries of their own.

That brings us to our inspiring and uniquely innovative guest. Ashley Bush is the owner of the Buttermilk Baking Company. A Newburyport, Massachusetts essential. Ashley combines two things that make her a perfect entrepreneur for this day and age. She bakes some of the tastiest cakes, muffins, and pies you’re going to find anywhere. She also combines those baked goodies with a wicked sense of humor and a healthy appreciation of all things meme culture.

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