Guest Appearance: Legrand Lindor

Legrand Lindor: World Wide Domination While Having a Family Life

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky

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About LMI Textiles

Legrand Lindor, Esq., MBA founder of LMI TEXTILES, a manufacturing/ distribution company with facilities in Haiti and globally. After working in corporate law, Legrand exercised his entrepreneurial nature in the garment industry. Over the years he has served as an executive in the logistics industry which strengthens the international nature of LMI TEXTILES. Legrand is from Boston, MA and attended The George Washington University, studied Finance and Real Estate Investment/ Development and graduate school at the University of Connecticut School of Law and Business.

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I know I can’t be the only one who thought we’d be done talking about COVID by now. However, here we are. With more than 200,000 reported cases putting overwhelming strain on our healthcare system nationwide, some predict that we may need as long as the entirety of 2021 to vanquish coronavirus.

In fact, some officials claim that the effects of the newly unveiled COVID vaccines won’t truly be felt until the third quarter of 2021, with society returning to “normal,” meaning unmasked, near this time a year from now.

As grim as these numbers may seem, on the positive side of this pandemic, we’ve seen many companies rise up and take on the challenge of protecting and safeguarding citizens across the US and even globally from the deadly virus. Modern day companies seem to have revived the world war 2 U.S. manufacturing and innovative spirit. From distilleries producing hand sanitizers, to apparel companies making face masks to keep us all safe and protected against an unrelenting and invisible to the human eye, advisory!

One such company is LMI Textiles, an organization that has placed all of its collective elbow greases into the perfection and distribution of personal protective equipment. Today’s guest is involved firsthand in ensuring that our first responders and frontline workers are well protected.

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Legrand Lindor – Book: Home by Toni Morrison

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