Guest Appearance: Latoya Cooper

Latoya Cooper: How to start a Geek Clothing Brand

“I never lose. I either win or I learn.” – Nelson Mandela

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About Chic Geek Apparel

Latoya Cooper is the owner of Chic Geek Apparel which was founded in 2016 out of her love for fashion, sarcasm, & comfortable t-shirts.

Latoya served in the Navy for 11 years, and her time there allowed her to travel around the world and experience all sorts of craziness – which has no doubt translated over into her business. She loves to experiment and try new designs, but she also extremely thorough and detail oriented which makes for great quality control.

With degrees in Visual Communications and Business Management from The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, she is well equipped to make visually appealing creations and run a fabulous business.

About Episode

When we talk about apparel in general terms, remember we’re talking about an industry with a market size of $368 billion in 2019 alone. Within that larger figure are a seemingly countless collection of niche markets and interests.

For example, did you know geek-themed apparel is a really big deal to a lot of people? It’s true! In fact, those who associate themselves and purchase geek themed apparel, wear the title of geek as a badge of honor!

By the summer of 2019, Disney’s run of movies based on Marvel Comics characters had made over 22 billion in ticket sales. This translates to a lot of people who love to buy things like geek-themed apparel. The average geek is spending over $100 a year on apparel specific to their interests. Some are spending several hundred dollars a year. That only covers apparel.

And within geek apparel, you can find entrepreneurs and creative minds creating clothing that hits even more specific notes. Do you know someone who loves geek culture, but they’re also an entrepreneur? Perhaps a veteran, as well? Where would you go to buy such specific items?

These are questions answered beautifully by our guest, Latoya Cooper from Chic Geek Apparel.

An entrepreneur, designer, baker, and even a veteran in the U.S. Navy, LaToya Cooper is a wonderful example of entrepreneurs who find very specific audiences for their ideas. In LaToya’s case, it involves her company, Geek Chic Apparel. While offering a number of different apparel pieces, LaToya has successfully run her brand for over 5 years by designing geeky apparel and more for those who also see themselves by such titles as veteran, entrepreneur, or even a clever combination of the two.

This is a thriving brand that will only continue to be successful because it understands that some people have very specific ideas of what they want in and on their clothing, which is as geek as it is chic.

The Ignite Your Business Radio Show is proud to welcome LaToya Cooper!

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