Guest Appearance: Neshaszda Wright

Neshaszda Wright: Finding Your Business’ Main Hub And Nurturing Your Clientele

“Those that can see the invisible, can accomplish the impossible.”

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About Neshaszda Z Photography

Neshaszda Wright has always been living the military lifestyle growing up with her father having served the country and in time doing service herself.

Starting off in modeling, then transitioning into serving in the military, and finally arriving at her current destination of being a successful mother and entrepreneur, Neshaszda’s journey was definitely a unique one that helped her become the success that she is today.

Seeking mentorship from one of the best photographers in Atlanta, Neshaszda was able to refine her skills and gather the necessary tools she needed to establish her own brand as a professional wedding photographer. She initially worked with just family and friends and quickly was able to grow and nurture her ever-growing clientele. After three years of being in the industry, Neshaszda has already been able to harness her skills and passion for telling love stories through her creativity in the visual art of photography.

Aside from being an established photographer, Neshaszda is also a children’s book author and a philanthropist. She puts great importance on early intervention in a child’s education which inspired her decision to self-publish her book and to help out anybody that wants to further their career in any direction.

Even though Neshaszda and her family change their home location from time to time, she considers Atlanta as her personal hub where she still nurtures her loyal clientele.


About Episode

It seems like these days, everyone with a high-resolution digital camera thinks they’ve got what it takes to turn their hobby into a business. We can see why! With a market size of nearly ten billion, from the outside, photography seems like a great way to earn a piece of this market share while doing fun, creative work.

Despite this, the photography industry is declining at a rate of 10% annually. Since the idea of paying someone to capture life’s most critical moments can often feel like a luxury, the photography business rises and falls with the state of our economy. Unfortunately, as social isolation prevails and people struggle to afford luxuries, like many businesses during covid, the photography business has taken a tremendous hit here recently.

Beyond the struggles brought by current events, many people who open their own photography business quickly realize that it’s not all they thought it would be. Photographers who were previously able to focus solely on their art, are asked to become business managers, tax experts, and more, when they make the decision to go it solo. For this reason, in the first year of owning a photography business, more than 60% of self-employed photographers will give up and throw in the towel. Only 15% of the remaining business owners will make it through to the third year of owning their business.

However, Neshaszda Wright from Neshaszda Z Photography defies the odds and shares with us what it’s like to be a successful photographer, business owner, published author, mom, wife, military veteran, and a philanthropist just to name a few. You won’t want to miss what she has to say!

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