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Chase Norlin: Evolving Threats Against Your Business

Chase Norlin from Transmosis
“Magic is the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will.” – Aleister Crowley

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Chase Norlin is the CEO of Transmosis, a nationally recognized Cyber Security Workforce Developer and the creator of CyberOps, military grade cyber security protection for small business.  Previously Norlin was the founder and CEO of Alphabird, named the 8th fastest growing company in America by Inc. Magazine. Norlin is a serial technology entrepreneur that founded the Internet’s first online video sharing platform and one of the first video search engines, photo sharing services, and video ad networks.

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Contrary to what it feels like today, there was actually a time before the Internet. With beginnings in the 1960s, users truly began to recognize the Internet for its communication benefits in the 1970s, when email was invented. However, with advances in the Internet came advances in malicious technology.

The first virus was released in the 1980s. A virus, in laymen’s terms, is a self-replicating program that can cause damage to the data and files stored on a computer. Where these viruses were initially meant to be crimes more comparable with vandalism, hackers are now enacting large-scale cybercrime capable of taking down governments.

In fact, cybercrime evolves as society changes. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, for example, phishing email schemes have risen, with malicious actors posing as staff members from the World Health Organization in order to gain access to the people whose files they are trying to manipulate. Attacks like this rose more than 350% last year alone.

That’s where Chase Norlin from Transmosis comes in. Not only does he work in the cybersecurity industry himself, but he is known for developing others to assist in this mission in his field.

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