Podcast Recommended Equipment

We want to have your Podcast sound and look as best as it can be. Because podcasts that sound and look professional have a really great chance for success! For that, we’ve put together a list of equipment recommendations – from microphones to ring lights – that can make your podcast sound like an ‘A-Class’ production!

Recommended Microphones

  • USB Microphone (this is the one that we use on our own podcast)
    –  To soften the sound a bit (so it’s not so “sharp” sounding), we recommend a soft cover to go over the USB microphone or a microphone “windscreen”
    – If your computer only has USB C input ports, you will need a USB C Hub, we recommend purchasing this one
  • Rode Wireless Go (Wireless Lapel Microphone) In case you want to go truly wireless, this is our recommendation for you. The Rode Wireless has two components. The Transmitter goes on your shirt, and the Receiver is connected to the device that you are recording on.
    – To connect to the Laptop: Unfortunately, a Rode Wireless can’t be directly plugged in to a laptop. What we need is an Rode SC7 Patch Cable. You can find that here. In addition, you will need a 3.5mm to USB Audio Jack Adaptor to connect the SC7 Patch Cable to the laptop. You can find that here. Please note: The black part of the SC7 cable goes into the Rode Receiver, and the grey part goes into the 3.5mm to USB Adaptor.
    – In case you only have USB-C on your laptop, you’ll need a 3.5mm to USB-C adaptor. You can find that here.
    – In case you are an Apple user, you can use the 3.5mm to Lightening adaptor. You can find that here.
    Note: Please don’t get overwhelmed with the above process. That’s why you have us! We’ll work with you on setting it up.

Recommended Headphones / Earphones

It is important to use headphones / earphones while recording your podcast – in case you have a guest on the show. The main reason for this is to cut off the sound coming from your laptop speakers so that your microphone does not catch any ambient sound except yours. Here are a few options that we recommend.

Recommended (Budget) HD Webcams

Though the built-in camera in most modern computers / laptops is of very decent quality, in case you want to record better quality video for your podcasts (in case you are making a video podcast) here are a few budget HD Webcams that you can consider.

Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Mobile Phone Holder

In case you are recording a video podcast, it’s always good to have proper lighting to make your video look good. The best option is to use a USB powered Ring-Light mounted on a tripod. Most Ring-Lights nowadays come with tripods that even has a phone holder, in case you are recording on your phone. Here are a few options.