How Living With ADD & ADHD Can Become Your Superpower.

Ask Ignite: How Living With ADD & ADHD Can Become Your Superpower.


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Normally we talk about the advice we would give to clients from topics we are experts on, or have guests come on the show. But today I wanted to share something I have not mastered, nor can it completely be mastered, rather it’s something that I myself battle with daily. I want to share with you something near and dear to my heart, the topic of ADD and ADHD. While this condition and I use that term lightly, is normally looked at as a hindrance or negative for the vast majority both in if you are living with it or know of someone that does.

I chose to look at this as what I reference as a superpower. This journey and part of my story go back to 2015 when we had our oldest son tested and came back diagnosed with ADD and ADHD. As I think any parent would, you start researching the unknown and look at how this diagnosis will influence your child and into the future. Along this path of learning, I discovered that I myself was more than likely affected with this same condition as medical research shows that it is usually passed down from one or both of the parents. So I went out and got myself tested and sure enough, I too had this same condition. Sure I spent a little bit of time wallowing in my sorrows thinking this was a bad thing and what my future could have been like had I known or gotten medication sooner.

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