Neshaszda Wright: Finding Your Business’ Main Hub And Nurturing Your Clientele
Neshaszda Wright: Finding Your Business' Main Hub And Nurturing Your Clientele
Being a photographer, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, social media connoisseur, veteran, wife, and mother, this episode’s guest is truly a modern-day Wonder Woman! After serving in the military where she met her husband, Neshaszda Wright pursued her passion for photography after deciding to get her honorable discharge to focus on motherhood. Being in the professional photography...
Aidan Demolli: Marketing And The Military… Go Hand In Hand?
Aidan Demolli: Marketing And The Military... Go Hand In Hand?
Having found his passion for photography during his last stint in the Marine Corps, Aidan Demolli decided to build his own production company right after his years in service. Initially focusing on photography and videography, his company has now grown to also offer social media management, web design, and branding. Tune in to his episode...